First and foremost, Jean-François Camiré is an artist. He grew up in a family where music, design, and art had a prominent place. His wonder before the works of artists and masters will have a decisive influence on him and on his future. In Montreal, in 1986, he begins studies in the arts. For the painter and talented musician, the metropolis offers underground scenes which inspire his first pictorial and musical works.

The most striking period for the painter in search of novel techniques visibly takes place between 2000 and 2005 in the magnificent village of Beaumont, Quebec, alongside the St-Lawrence River. He discovers a mix of mediums with which he makes his own colours. He introduces in his creation new instruments, different from the paintbrush, and will succeed in creating surprising effects. Endowed with an innate sense of colours, volumes, shapes, movement and light, Jean-François Camiré takes us with him in his imagination through his stylized vision and unique reality. Whether it is boats, musicians, portraits, still lifes, ducks, or even automobiles, the variety of the themes he displays conveys the richness of his imagination and the extent of his creativity. Vivid, expressive and sensual, Jean-François Camiré’s work is turning towards a promising future in Canada’s visual art.